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File Systems

Blunk File Systems Encryption

Blunk Microsystems provides optional encryption capabilities for its TargetXFS, TargetFAT and TargetZFS families of file systems.


  • Volume level encryption - the user enables encryption on a per volume basis. Selected volumes encrypt both user data and file system meta data seamlessly without additional user intervention.

  • Easy to enable - the user specifies the encryption key and encryption algorithm during the volume's driver initialization.

  • Multiple algorithms - the user can select AES encryption in XTS or CTR mode, with either a faster 128 bit private key or a more secure 256 bit private key.

  • Minimal overhead - encryption is performed as data is being written to the backing store and decryption is performed as data is being read from the backing store.

For further information about Blunk's comprehensive storage solutions take a look at our at-a-glance description page.