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Device and Network Management Solutions

Blunk offers a complete and varied line of best-in-class network management products. All of these products are widely in use, including in the most stringent environments.

SNMP Agent
  • Variable monitoring thresholds invoke a notification whenever a threshold is crossed
  • Source code templates for adding new types and objects
  • Static memory compile time option can enforce SNMP tree size limit
  • Endian agnostic C source code designed for any 32 or 64 bit processor
  • Ideal for wired or wireless network connectivity
  • Includes the most recent IP agnostic MIB II, RMON and Host Resources

SNMP Prototyper for Windows™
  • Includes up to date versions of all IETF and IRTF MIBs
  • Generate source code for TargetSNMP Agent from any SMIv2 compliant MIB
  • Import any IETF, IRTF or custom MIB
  • GUI interface to easily create default SNMPv3 Users and Views
  • GUI interface to create and send Notifications

SNMP Manager
  • Advanced API design abstracts SNMPv3 complexity
  • Includes compile time option to include a MIB compiler
  • Register callbacks to receive notifications from remote SNMP agents
  • Single function call to register remote variables with Alarm MIB for monitoring