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Mibsim™ - SNMP Agent Simulator, Prototyper and Source Code Generator

Microsoft Windows™ application to simulate and extend embedded SNMPv3/v2c/v1 Agent

A powerful MIB simulation tool for Windows, Mibsim™ can load and simulate MIBs, initialize scalar and columnar objects and generate all source code for MIBs and their default configurations. This application is designed as a prototyping tool for SNMP agent customers but can also be used for network simulations and Linux development using the included NetSNMP source code stub generation option.

Easy installation

  • Installs and runs on all versions of Windows™, from XP to 8.
  • Includes up to date versions of all IETF and IRTF MIBs.

SMIv2 conversion

  • Generate source code for TargetSNMP Agent from any SMIv2 compliant MIB, including new textual conventions.
  • Optionally generate default initializations for TargetSNMP Agent MIB objects.
  • Generate source code stubs for NetSNMP agent from any SMIv2 compliant MIB
  • View and/or export MIBs to any of over 10 different formats including MOSY, Python stubs, scli, XML and more

Easy interface for extending the SNMP agent

  • Import any IETF, IRTF or custom MIB
  • GUI interface to browse and initialize the OID tree
  • GUI interface to easily create default SNMPv3 Users and Views
  • GUI interface to create and send Notifications
  • Save and Load as many different agent configurations as needed

Unified Management Interface

  • Unified Management Interface can optionally generate XML meta code for REST and/or UPnP from a MIB file. This XML to MIB interface can used to deploy management solutions across SNMP, REST and/or UPnP.

RFC-compliant with a full protocol suite supported by Mibsim™ Agent Simulator:

  • SNMPv1/SNMPv2c/SNMPv3: RFC 3410, RFC 3411, RFC 3412, 3413, RFC 3414, RFC 3415, 3416, RFC 3418, RFC 3584
  • USM AES: RFC 3826