Blunk Microsystems Releases TargetTCP 2002.0, High Performance TCP/IP Protocol Stack


San Jose, CA (June 11, 2002) Blunk Microsystems, a leading independent developer of turnkey software components for embedded devices, has completed release 2002.0 of TargetTCP. This release includes several enhancements and support for new protocols.


New Protocol Support:


  - Multicasting and IGMPv2 for low-overhead streaming audio and video.

  - SNMPv1 with integrated MIB-II agent for remote network monitoring.

  - AutoIP for automatic IP address assignment on local networks.

  - Wi-Fi (driver available separately) for mobile wireless access.




  - Supports TCP out-of-band data and urgent data mark.

  - Telnet server integration with the TargetOS monitor, allowing full

    access to existing commands and easy extensibility.

  - TFTP client integration with the Standard C library, allowing remote

    files to be opened and read using the stdio file routines.

  - The TFTP loader now reads both ELF and S-record files. The loader's

    output can either be directed to memory for direct execution or to a

    buffer for use by the BSP flash programmer.

  - To provide more robust name to IP address resolution, the DNS client

    now accepts recursive referrals to other name servers.

  - For true 1-copy behavior with the Berkeley Sockets API, data copies

    occurring during fragmentation and defragmentation were eliminated.

  - New zero copy API for both TCP and UDP eliminates the data copy

    mandated by the Berkeley Sockets API.

  - For optimum performance, the Internet checksum routines have been

    re-implemented in assembly language.


TargetTCP 2002.0 supercedes Blunk’s prior TCP/IP protocol stack, TargetTCP, and contains all of its features, including: being a high performance RFC compliant TCP/IP protocol stack, providing the standard Berkeley Sockets API and supporting TCP, UDP, IP, ICMP, multicasting, IGMPv2, ARP, RARP, DHCP, SNMPv1/MIB-II, TFTP, FTP, Telnet, DNS, Ethernet, PPP (with CHAP, CHAT, and PAP), and Wi-Fi.



About Blunk Microsystems


Blunk Microsystems provides a broad spectrum of system software designed for embedded development including an RTOS, stacks, web server, flash file system, device drivers, and board support packages. Blunk's products are available for off-the-shelf reference boards or can be ported to the customer's platform. Products are implemented in tight, clean code to be fast, small, reliable, and portable. Licensing includes source code and royalty free distribution of executables. TargetTCP 2002.0 is priced at $9,800 for creating products at a single site. See for additional information or call (408)323-1758.