Blunk’s Flash File Systems to be Resold by ARC International


San Jose, CA (October 16, 2003) Blunk Microsystems has licensed ARC International as a reseller of TargetFFS-NAND and TargetFFS-NOR, Blunk’s flash file systems, for use in connection with ARC’s Precise/MQX real time operating system.  Having recognized the needs of their customers for robust flash file systems and that their customers would be well served by Blunk’s offerings, ARC is now offering single vendor ordering of Blunk’s products preintegrated with Precise/MQX.


ARC is the latest in an impressive series of adoptions of Blunk’s TargetFFS-NAND and TargetFFS-NOR this year, including:


Jet Propulsion Laboratory for NASA: JPL has selected TargetFFS-NAND to be used in conjunction with Wind River's VxWorks RTOS. JPL selected Blunk's flash file system after extensive performance and reliability testing. It will first be used by JPL in the Deep Impact mission, a satellite being sent into deep space that absolutely had to maintain its file system integrity for a long period of time under harsh and unpredictable conditions. Ball Aerospace has also selected TargetFFS-NAND for use in satellites.


SmartSight Networks: TargetFFS-NOR was selected by SmartSight for their networked digital video management solutions to enable video management and monitoring primarily for security, surveillance and asset protection in airports, government, municipal and transportation facilities as well as corporate enterprises.


Siemens VDO and BMW: Working together, Blunk and Wind River's Professional Services organization created a flash file system solution for Siemens VDO using TargetFFS-NAND that retained its power fail robustness while supporting an interface that allowed it to be integrated as a VxWorks file system. This solution has been incorporated into a dashboard control system for use in BMW automobiles.


Other recent design wins for TargetFFS-NAND and TargetFFS-NOR are John Deere for incorporation into heavy equipment, Alticast and Force.TV for use in television set top boxes, Philips and PrairieComm to manage internal cell phone data, and Aeronix in a secure communications device.


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