Announcing Release 2004.0 of TargetFFS-NAND/NOR, Blunk's Flash File Systems

San Jose, CA (June 30, 2004) Blunk Microsystems announces a new release of its flash file system products, TargetFFS-NORô and TargetFFS-NANDô, containing substantial enhancements. These products have been deployed world-wide in cell phones, car navigation systems, satellites, set top boxes, routers, and other demanding applications, and have benefited from continual improvements based on customer feedback and real-world applications.

These latest generation systems further establish Blunk's position as the premier provider of reliable powerfail-safe flash file systems. As always, this release of TargetFFS-NAND and TargetFFS-NOR presents a full POSIX and ANSI C compliant application interface, including links and access protection, not a restricted DOS-like interface. New features include:

Also, this release of TargetFFS-NOR significantly increases the percentage of flash memory available for user data, bringing it in line with the utilization levels achieved by TargetFFS-NAND.

About Blunk Microsystems

Blunk Microsystems provides a broad spectrum of system software designed for embedded development including an RTOS, networking stacks, web server, static and flash file systems, device drivers, and board support packages. Blunk's products are available for off-the-shelf reference boards or can be ported to the customer's platform. Products are implemented in tight, clean code to be fast, small, reliable, and portable. See the Blunk Website for additional information or call (408) 323-1758.