Blunk Announces Best-In-Class Embedded Linux Flash Storage Solution

San Jose, California, April 3, 2014 - Today Blunk Microsystems announced availability for TargetFS-LKM™, an optimized embedded Linux port of its flagship flash file system solution. Blunk’s flash file systems have been extensively in use around the world for over a decade - in routers, navigation systems, satellites, millions of cell phones, industrial control equipment, set top boxes and numerous other devices.

Blunk’s TargetFS-LKM is available as a loadable kernel module that is tightly integrated with the Linux Virtual File System (VFS). Through extensive research of Linux VFS internals and port-specific optimizations leveraging Blunk’s extensive winning design heritage in the flash storage space, TargetFS-LKM is able to provide the following best-in-class features:

Like all of Blunk Microsystems’ products, TargetFS-LKM is designed for high performance on 32-bit processors. Get the advantage of high quality software and unparalleled customer support from the original developers for your next project.

About Blunk Microsystems
Blunk Microsystems has been providing leading edge embedded software since 1995, focusing on high-performance systems using 32-bit processors. Products include a full-featured RTOS, IPv6 Ready TCP/IP stack, embedded web server, a complete line of embedded storage solutions, a versatile graphics library, and an integrated GNU-based development environment.

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TargetFS-LKM is a trademark of Blunk Microsystems, LLC.