Blunk Microsystems ships TargetFFS-NOR™ for Intel's latest 90nm StrataFlash® Cellular Memory

San Jose, CA (January 26, 2006) Blunk Microsystems announces shipment of TargetFFS-NOR support for Intel's latest StrataFlash® Cellular Memory, also known as "M18", industry's first 90-nanometer (nm) multi-level cell (MLC) NOR-type flash memory.

Working with Intel to provide advance support for this latest StrataFlash® Cellular Memory, Blunk Microsystems architected new TargetFFS algorithms, tested them on-site with Intel, and delivered them to a major cell phone handset supplier who has integrated these new chips into their product, allowing them to take advantage of the NOR flash density and price-per-bit breakthroughs Intel has achieved.

TargetFFS-NOR is the premier embedded flash file system from Blunk Microsystems. Offering guaranteed power-fail recovery, high-performance, fast mounts, and high-end UNIX-like features such as access permissions, file attributes, hard links, and quotas, TargetFFS has been tapped by such demanding applications as JPL's Deep Impact satellite program, BMW's console navigation system, and numerous cell phone vendors worldwide.

Other features in the latest TargetFFS release include:

About Blunk Microsystems:

Blunk Microsystems has been providing leading edge high-performance embedded systems software since 1995. All of Blunk Microsystems' embedded products are implemented in tight, non-GPL code to be fast, small, reliable, and shippable. Blunk's products include an RTOS, TCP/IP stack, file systems, embedded web server, board support packages, and integrated GNU-based development environment. See the Blunk Website for additional information or call (408) 323-1758.

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