Mibtonix Inc. Announces Partnership with Blunk Microsystems

Santa Cruz, CA (April 27, 2005) Mibtonix Inc., a privately held corporation, announced today that a strategic partnership with Blunk Microsystems has been finalized. Blunk Microsystems has obtained the exclusive right to sell and re-brand Mibtonix products, adding immediate value to Blunk's embedded TCP/IP product line.

The deal means that the founder and CEO of Mibtonix Inc., Sean Lawless, will focus on enhancing TargetTCP, Blunk's TCP/IP protocol stack, including new support for IPv6 and network security protocols. Additionally, TargetTCP now ships with the MibSNMP SNMPv1 stack. SNMPv3 is available as a separately priced option.

“This agreement helps mature and focus Mibtonix products by integrating them with an established RTOS vendor” remarked Sean. Tim Stoutamore, President of Blunk Microsystems, stated, "We are glad to have someone with Sean's unique talents leading new product development for TargetTCP. Our customers will benefit as a result”.

Blunk Microsystems develops and sells high performance embedded systems software modules, including an RTOS, networking stacks, and advanced file systems. More information is available on the Blunk website or the Mibtonix website.