Blunk Announces $5K RTOS Bundle for Altera NEEK

San Jose, CA (May 30, 2012) Today Blunk announces support for Altera’s Nios® II Embedded Evaluation Kit (NEEK), Cyclone® III Edition. Blunk’s $5K per seat CrossStep Pro Subscription now includes a Nios II port of TargetOS, a board support package (BSP) for the NEEK board, and the associated host-development tools. In addition, software components in the NEEK $5K RTOS bundle include:

The subscription includes CrossStep, Blunk's IDE for embedded development that includes an integrated project builder and kernel-aware source code debugger with support for TargetMon™, Blunk’s debug-over-Ethernet target monitor, and USBBlaster, Altera’s on-chip debug interface. TargetMon provides extremely fast download times and debugger responsiveness. It supports task level debugging of code, and allows placing breakpoints in, and stepping through, interrupt service routines.

Kernel-awareness is provided for both on-chip and debug monitor connections and includes: i) display of kernel objects, including tasks, semaphores, queues, ii) a “software logic analyzer” view of runtime history, including context switches, interrupts and service calls, and iii) task scoping of the source code display, to show the current execution point of each task.

The CrossStep Pro Subscription is an integrated solution that provides everything needed to develop products. It is licensed as a per-seat annual subscription, and includes both the Windows-hosted development tools and the embedded source code components. The total cost is $5K per seat. There are no restrictions on releasing derived executable code. Redistribution of the source code is prohibited.


About Blunk Microsystems

Blunk Microsystems has been providing leading edge embedded software for over seventeen years. Our focus is high-performance systems software for 32-bit processors. Besides the industry’s most extensive line of file systems, Blunk’s other products include an RTOS, IPv6 Ready TCP/IP stack, embedded web server, board support packages, and integrated GNU-based development environment.


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