Blunk Microsystems Announces Embedded Systems Software for

Philips Nexperia and TriMedia


San Jose, CA (May 9, 2003) Blunk Microsystems, a leading independent developer of turnkey software components for embedded devices, announces support for the Philips Nexperia and TriMedia processor families. 


Blunk has available a variety of system software components for the Philips processors, including an embedded TCP/IP Ethernet stack (TargetTCP), various Ethernet device drivers including drivers for popular Wi-Fi hardware, an embedded web server and a LAPB stack.  In addition, Blunk offers their industry leading flash file systems for NAND flash and for NOR flash, as well as their new compressed static file system.


Philips Semiconductor has entered into a software licensing agreement with Blunk for worldwide use of TargetTCP with the Nexperia and TriMedia processor families and will be including an evaluation version of TargetTCP in the new version of its software development platform. Philips Consumer Electronics has incorporated Blunk's TargetTCP and Wi-Fi driver in its award winning MC-i250 - Streamium Wireless Broadband Internet Audio System and is designing Blunk's systems into other products.


Among the processors suitable for running Blunk's software are: PNX1300/1301/1302, PNX1500, the PNX832x family including the PNX8320, PNX8500, TM-1000, TM-1100, TM-1300/1301/1302, and reference boards from Momentum Data Systems including the DVE-2 and the MDS-TM13-IREF.


Blunk Microsystems delivers turnkey packages for embedded development under a simple licensing model. Every product comes with a perpetual royalty free site license, source code, sample applications and documentation.


About Blunk Microsystems


Blunk Microsystems provides a broad spectrum of system software designed for embedded development including an RTOS, stacks, web server, static and flash file systems, device drivers, and board support packages. Blunk's products are available for off-the-shelf reference boards or can be ported to the customer's platform. Products are implemented in tight, clean code to be fast, small, reliable, and portable.  See for additional information or call (408)323-1758.