Blunk Announces TargeteSPP™

San Jose, California, April 29, 2015 - Blunk Microsystems announces release of TargetSPP™, a fast protocol for data exchange on point-to-point connections, such as UART, HDLC, and UDP. Suitable for remote connections and local links between multi-processors, TargetSPP is a full selective repeat ARQ protocol implemented in Standard C. Borrowing from LABP and TCP, it provides the following features:

Priced at $7K for a single product license, TargetSPP is royalty-free and includes full ANSI C source code, a user’s manual, sample applications, and one year of technical support. Developed using Blunk Microsystems' TargetOS, TargetSPP is easily ported to another RTOS or used without an RTOS.

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Blunk Microsystems has provided high-performance embedded software for 32-bit processors since 1995. Products include a high-level IDE optimized for embedded development, an RTOS, advanced embedded file systems, IPv4 and IPv6 certified TCP/IP stacks, embedded graphics/windowing library, USB host stack, and embedded web server.

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