Blunk Microsystems announces new release of technically leading embedded file systems.

San Jose, CA (July 19, 2009) Blunk Microsystems, LLC, announces an upgrade to their TargetTLS(tm) product to support the latest standardized security enhancements. Previously supporting Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) version 3.0 and Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0, this upgrade adds TLS 1.1 support, which closes an emerging vulnerability in Chain Block Cipher (CBC) based encryption algorithms.

TargetTLS is the only source licensable security solution integrated into the BSD Sockets API. Any listening stream socket based application can be upgraded to use SSL/TLS via a single Ioctl call during socket creation! Don't waste time rewriting your application to support security. By upgrading existing TCP applications to use the latest security technology with a single Ioctl call, your team stays focused on the core application without becoming distracted by ever evolving security requirements.

Using TargetTCP with TargetTLS upgrades the included FTP and Telnet servers to support the FTP-over-TLS and Telnet-over-TLS protocols. TargetTLS is also integrated with TargetWeb, Blunk's embedded web server, to add HTTPS support to your application. Contact Blunk Microsystems for more information or for a quote to upgrade your products today.

About Blunk Microsystems

Blunk Microsystems has been providing leading edge high-performance embedded systems software for over fourteen years. All Blunk Microsystems embedded products are implemented in tight, non-GPL code to be fast, small, reliable, and shippable. Blunk's products include an RTOS, TCP/IP stack, file systems, embedded web server, board support packages, and integrated GNU-based development environment. See the Blunk Website for additional information or call (408) 323-1758.


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