Blunk Microsystems announces New File System for Embedded Applications

San Jose, Calif., October 19, 2012 - The result of fifteen years’ experience providing leading edge embedded file systems; TargetXFS™ is a high performance UNIX-like file system with a configurable fixed RAM footprint that performs well with all volume sizes, up to and including Terabytes. TargetXFS is suitable for all embedded applications that don’t require conformance to a pre-existing format, such as the Windows® compatibility provided by TargetFAT™ and TargetexFAT™.

TargetXFS is a flash friendly file system. When used with Blunk’s flash translation layers for NAND and NOR flash, the sector size is set to the natural page size of the underlying device. This avoids partial page writes and results in more efficient file system operation. Also, TargetXFS supports the TRIM command for notifying flash management layers when sectors are no longer in use, resulting in faster garbage collection and higher performance.

TargetXFS provides guaranteed file system integrity across unexpected shutdowns. Only data written since the last synchronizing operation can be lost. Closed files, directory structures, and files open for reading are never at risk. An unexpected power loss rolls the volume back to its state at the most recent synchronization, except for any user data that has been overwritten.

For fully atomic updates, TargetXFS can be configured to write modified user data to new logical sectors, so that in between explicit synchronizations, groups of file system updates are atomic. If power is lost prior to completion, the exact volume state at the previous synchronization is restored.

TargetXFS is the next generation replacement for Blunk’s TargetFFS® flash file system, which has been used in millions of products ranging from cell phones to satellites by the most demanding OEMs. TargetXFS benefits from TargetFFS’s design heritage and extensive file system regression and power loss recovery tests. Like all Blunk’s embedded components, TargetXFS is 100% non-GPL.

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