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TCP/IP User Service Protocol Stacks


  • Integrated. The Telnet server is integrated with the TargetOS command line monitor, allowing full access to built-in commands and easy extensibility. The FTP server is integrated with TargetXFS, Blunk Microsystems' embedded flash file system. The TFTP client is integrated with the TargetOS runtime library, allowing access to remote files via fopen(), and with the TargetOS loader, which accepts both ELF and S-record formats.

  • RFC-compliant with a full protocol suite. Includes clients and servers for FTP, TFTP, and Telnet. Also includes a client for SMTP (sendmail).

    • FTP: RFC 959, 4217
    • TFTP: RFC 1350
    • Telnet: RFC 854
    • SMTP: RFC 821

  • High Performance. No data copies are performed within the stack. Matching of IPv6 fragment lists, ND address records, and TCP sockets is done with a fast hashing function. The 16-bit checksum for TCP and UDP is calculated in assembly language (for Power Architecture, ColdFire, and 68K). Access to the assembly language "add with carry" instruction enables the calculation to be done with fast 32-bit accesses.

  • TLS/SSL for Application Security. Adds SSL 3.0/TLS 1.0 network security protocol support. FTP over TLS, Telnet over TLS and HTTPS support included while TLS security can be applied to any custom stream protocol with a single API call. There is no separate application interface for using TLS; it is handled transparently to the application in the standard sockets API. All calls (recv(), send(), etc.) use plain text while behind the scenes and over the network travel TLS packets. This is the only TLS integration allowing custom application protocols to be secured with little or no change to the legacy application.

  • Compact and configurable. Applications typically require approximately 30 KB of code from the TargetTCP library and can be configured to use as little as 32 KB of RAM data.

  • Shipped with two sample applications: an FTP/TFTP client and that performs a series of tests with an FTP/TFTP server.

  • Developed using TargetOS™, Blunk Microsystems' real-time operating system, the source code is 100% ANSI C and is easily ported to both other real-time kernels and to polling environments that do not use a kernel. A pSOS port is provided for the Trimedia processor.

  • Integrated with CrossStep™, Blunk's IDE for embedded development that includes an integrated project builder, kernel-aware source code debugger, on-chip debug connections for board bring-up and Ethernet debug connections for fast application development.

  • Royalty-free. Includes source code, User's Manual, sample applications, and one year of technical support.