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TargetSNMP™ Manager

SNMP Manager with Notification Handler

TargetSNMP Manager is an SNMP client that can control and monitor other network devices running TargetSNMP Agent or other SNMPv1/SNMPv2c/SNMPv3 compatible devices. A powerful MIB compiler can optionally be built into the library for full name support. With no limit on the number of simultaneous devices under management, embedded applications can be fine tuned to access all or specific tiered levels of device functionality with this SNMP manager, including the notifications to be received.

SNMPv3 adds security to SNMPv2c with user, view and notification based access controls. SNMPv3 users are assigned authentication and privacy requirements as well as MIB view access to the SNMP agent. Configuring users and views is complex but has been simplified with an additional API that hides most details of SNMPv3.

Compact and Optimized code base

  • Under 25KB, without OID to name or DES support.
  • Shared code with TargetSNMP Agent reduces size when using both.

Easy To Use

  • Advanced API design abstracts SNMPv3 complexity.
  • Full SMIv2 MIB compiler and OID look up API available as a compile time option.

Notification monitor

  • Register callbacks to receive notifications from SNMPv1/2c/3 devices.
  • SNMP internals respond to Inform messages automatically and invoke the callback function only once, even in the case of packet loss and resends.
  • Single function call to register remote variables with Alarm MIB for monitoring.

RFC-compliant with an extensive protocol suite.

  • SNMPv1/SNMPv2c/SNMPv3: RFCs 1155, 1156, 1157, 1213, 1215, 1902, 1903, 1904, 1905, 1906, 2576, 3410, 3411, 3412, 3413, 3414, 3415, 3416, 3418, 3584
  • USM AES: RFC 3826