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mDNS/DNS-SD Protocol Stack


  • RFC-compliant with a full protocol suite. Supports mDNS and DNS-SD client and server protocols for Bonjour auto configuration.

    • Multicast DNS: RFC 6762
    • DNS Service Discovery: RFC 6763

  • Upgrades the existing TargetTCP DNS client with an mDNS client so .local lookups are available using existing DNS client APIs.

  • Network protocol clients such as LPR (Line Printer) can use DNS-SD to search for local printers or other services on startup or when needed. Network services such as Print Servers can register with mDNS and DNS-SD server to be discoverable by Bonjour clients.

  • Thoughtful integration with TargetTCP-IPv4 and TargetTCP-IPv6 internals ensures IP address changes are immediately represented to all multicast neighbors for exceptional reliability and interoperability.

  • Callback or polled architecture requires only a few semaphores and no tasks.

  • Shipped with two sample applications: server that advertise services with Bonjour for chargen, discard, TCP and UDP echo servers, a client that browses for Bonjour services and initiates chargen, discard, TCP and UDP echo tests against them.

  • Developed using TargetOS™, Blunk Microsystems' real-time operating system, the source code is 100% ANSI C and is easily ported to both other real-time kernels and to polling environments that do not use a kernel. A Linux port is provided for quick embedded or desktop Linux development or evaluation.

  • Integrated with CrossStep™, Blunk's IDE for embedded development that includes an integrated project builder, kernel-aware source code debugger, on-chip debug connections for board bring-up and Ethernet debug connections for fast application development.

  • Royalty-free. Includes source code, User's Manual, sample applications, and one year of technical support.