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TargetUPnP - UPnP and A/V Media Server

TargetUPnP includes a high-performance Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) engine and Audio Visual (UPnP A/V) media server component for serving media over TCP/IP. Using TargetXFS or another file system, directories of media files are browsable within UPnP A/V renderers as well as control points. UPnP A/V is the core of Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) and provides network file and directory access to embedded file systems.


  • UPnP enabled devices are discoverable on Any Network with Zero Configuration
  • SOAP design supports simple RPC interface for customer devices using XML
  • Detailed XML and SOAP API for custom Remote Procedure Calls (RPC)
  • Update Audio Visual Library on Media Server Via FTP
  • Supports any POSIX Compatible File System such as fixed disks
  • Optimized with TargetXFS and TargetTCP
  • Utilizes Zero-Copy API for Highest Performance

Features include:

  • Compliant with UPnP version 1.0 and UPnP A/V MediaServer version 1.

  • Provides directory structure and media file access to UPnP Control Points and UPnP Rederers

  • UPnP HTML pages served with TargetWeb allows dynamic content with DataTags, greatly simplifying any UPnP design.

  • Simple UPnP mechanism of XML defined Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) gives clean network interface to embedded devices and applications. The XML and SOAP API can also be used directly for custom RPC functionality.

  • XML parser and generator use no memory allocations to ensure speed and reliability.

  • Tightly integrated with TargetWeb, Blunk Microsystems' embedded HTTP protocol stack. Uses TargetTCP's zero-copy and event callback interfaces for high performance.

  • Easy to configure and use. The user specifies (1) the web server's home directory, (2) the media server's home directory and (3) the file containing the presentation page. Media files can be uploaded using FTP or a Windows or Unix remote file system.

  • TargetWeb uses POSIX API to access the underlying file system.  Use with TargetXFS, Blunk Microsystems' industry-leading embedded flash file system for operation in environments where temperature, shock, or power restrictions prohibit use of a hard disk.

  • Alternatively, can be used in conjunction with disk based or any other available file system.

  • Shipped with a sample application with presentation page that can be used as the starting point for a media server or more general embedded UPnP device.

  • Developed using TargetOS, Blunk Microsystems' real-time operating system. TargetTCP, TargetWeb, and the flash file systems are easily ported to other real-time kernels or to polling environments that do not use a kernel.

  • Royalty-free. Includes source code, user's manual, sample applications, and one year of technical support.